Premieres January 2020

Word Cloud Composers UMPG Classical
Dadamusik for string quartet; Asasello Quartett; Budapest; 13.01.2020; NP

Calligramme pour M.P. for 3 instruments; Augusta Giraldi (harp); Gianmarco Corinto (clarinet); Sandro Pippa (percussion); Rome; 29.01.2020; WP

En Silence; chamber opera; ROHM Theatre Kyoto; Alexandre Desplat (cond.); Kyoto; 18.01.2020; NP 

Black letters, Piano works – Pièce n° 3 for piano; Nicolas Hodges (piano); Paris; 10.01.2020; WP 

Waves; concerto for organ and orchestra; Iveta Apkalna (organ); Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg; Kent Nagano (cond.); Hamburg; 26.01.2020; WP 

Showdown for chamber ensemble; UMZE Ensemble; Balázs Horváth (cond.); Berlin; 23.01.2020; NP

Concerto for percussion and orchestra; Christoph Sietzen (percussion); ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien; Alondra de la Parra (cond.); Vienna; 27.01.2020; NP 

Cloches d’Orléans for organ; Yves Castagnet (organ); Paris; 08.01.2020; WP 

...concertante...op. 42a (new version) for violin, viola and chamber ensemble; Hiromi Kikuchi (violin), Ken Hakii (viola); Asko | Schönberg (ensemble); Peter Rundel (cond.); Amsterdam; 16.01.2020; WP 

Concerto for violin and orchestra; Daniele Giorgi (violin); Orchestra Regionale Toscana; Tito Ceccherini (cond.); Arezzo; 21.01.2020; WP 

Tensio for string quartet and electronics; Quatuor Diotima; York; 29.01.2020; NP 

Fragments pour un portrait for ensemble; Pierre-Laurent Aimard (piano); Remix Ensemble Casa da Música; Peter Rundel (cond.); Porto; 11.01.2020; NP 

Orpheus for piano and chamber orchestra; Michael Abramovich (piano); Vancouver Symphony Orchestra; Otto Tausk (cond.); Vancouver; 31.01.2020; NP 

Journal for 5 instruments with electronics; LUX:NM; Budapest; 20.01.2020; NP

Die Stadt ohne Juden for amplified ensemble and tape; KammarensembleN; Christian Karlsen (cond.); Stockholm; 22.01.2020; NP 

Masaot/Clocks without Hands for orchestra; Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai; Ryan Bancroft (cond.); 30.01.2020; Turin; NP

Wanderwelle for baritone and orchestra; Georg Nigl (baritone); Orquestra Sinfónica de Barcelona y Nacional de Cataluña; Kazushi Ono (cond.); Barcelona; 31.01.2020; WP 

Quatuor I "amahlathi amanzi" for string quartet; Quatuor Van Kuijk; Paris; 11.01.2020; NP 

Vanitas; opera; Oldenburgisches Staatstheater; Antoine Jully (choreographer); Oldenburg; 25.01.2020; WP of the choreographed version (14 dancers live)

Off the String for violin and ensemble; Jagdish Mistry (violin); Ensemble Modern; Franck Ollu (cond.); Cologne; 06.01.2020; WP 

Weitere intime Briefe for string quartet; Asasello Quartett; Budapest; 13.01.2020; NP

New Anamorphoses for chamber ensemble; UMZE Ensemble; Balázs Horváth (cond.); Berlin; 23.01.2020; NP

Move; concerto for trumpet and orchestra; Romain Leleu (trumpet); Kuopio Symphony Orchestra; Sascha Goetzel (cond.); Kuopio; 30.01.2020; WP 

Settimino da Luoghi immaginari for ensemble; musicians of the NEXT training programme; William Cole (cond.); Coventry; 24.01.2020; NP

Premieres and performances at Ultraschall Berlin – Festival für neue Musik

Clair for clarinet; Nina Janßen-Deinzer (clarinet); Heimathafen Neukölln; 17.01.2020

Serene for recorder; Jeremias Schwarzer (recorder); Radialsystem V; 18.01.2020; WP 

Mountain & Maiden; film by Shmuel Hoffman & Anton von Heiseler with composition by Sarah Nemtsov; for keyboard with amplified piano and voice; Christoph Grund (keyboard); Radialsystem V; 18.01.2020; WP 

dropped.drowned for large orchestra and playback; Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin; Marc Albrecht (cond.); Haus des Rundfunks; 15.01.2020

IRA for paetzoldbass recorder; Jeremias Schwarzer (recorder); Radialsystem V; 18.01.2020

weggeschliffen for string quartet with amplification and effects ad libitum; Minguet Quartett; Radialsystem V; 18.01.2020

The narrow corner for orchestra; Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin; Brad Lubman (cond.); Akademie der Künste; 19.01.2020

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